Whispers in the Gears

Discover the Mysteries of Mechanism Design and Control

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Have you ever wondered which secrets lie in a mechanical design?
Are you ready to push the limits of your imagination by combining the powers of engineering and intricacies of Mechanism Design AND spending 8 unforgettable days in the City of Roses Isparta?

If your answer is YES then here’s the gateway we’re opening to Mechanism Design!

Join our journey where all engineers’ dreams come true. Dive into the mysterious world of complicated mechanisms, systems and advanced technology. Just imagine; electric cars, robot helpers, spaceships… All these technologies become a reality, with the incredible power of Mechanism Design and Control.

Mechanism Design uses mechanics and creativity to design the pieces that can assemble the perfect machine, flawlessly. Let’s join forces together and bring to life the mesmerising machine we imagine, together! But first…

There’s something we haven’t discussed yet, Control! Mechanism Control is the area where we observe and manage every moment of the mechanism, just like a conductor of an orchestra. We use sensors, control algorithms, smart systems and other ways to make sure that our mechanism does the right thing at the right time. With all this, we achieve perfect harmony, flawless functioning, and success beyond our imagination!

That’s not all we offer! Join us and get lost in a culture that dates back centuries. Let us dazzle you with our sense of entertainment, humour, and the irresistible taste of our world-famous Turkish cuisine. Every day you spend on the course will be different from the previous one. You will discover something different every day, just like a detective!

So, what are you waiting for? Take your place in the mysterious world of mechanism design and let’s push the limits of innovation together!

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